Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

It keeps tumbling down.
It's a backlog going back to February 1st episode.

Pseudobot: Long Distance Calculations, Slam Fixes, and Lookup enhancements

All we need to do is calculate how
many yards away we are firing, find
the book that has the correct table,
remember the page number, etc. etc.
A potpourri of a buncha small things this week:

  • Added a function that calculates long distance penalties. It defaults to miles, but supports other units as well.
  • Fixed the DFRPG slam function, and made it its own. I got a little confused about the SM thing when reading it in the book, so now the damage should be correct.
  • Enhanced the aggregation of page references in a lot of the lookup functions that use GCS data. This means that, if for example, a spell exists in GURPS Magic and in Dungeon Fantasy Spells, instead of showing just one page reference, it shows both. I bring up that example because it is among the most common, but it cropped up multiple times in multiple ways.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Character: Dinosaur Hunter Medic

Probably never ever in stock again.
To help me better understand the limits that I am imposiving as I set up my campaign, I've decided to put some character examples together to see if I can get a satisfying build out of my slightly tighter than normal point constraints. I started with a medic/potion maker because they feel like expensive characters to build, so they are the type of people to make or break my point caps. Take it or leave it, let's take a look then.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dinosaur Hunter: Bare Minimum Template

Vaulting onto a dinosaur takes a lot of
different skills.
I can't think of much to write this week, so I thought maybe I'll just air a work in progress and having it out in the open will help me thing better. In any case, my intent is to make a setting where fighting dinosaurs feels right, with a measure of cinematicness but not too much. The feeling I get when looking at the RAW in the Basic Set, and only that, a T-Rex is just a big bag of hit points that can be dropped in a few hits to the (thanks to SM difference) easily targeted skull. So I need to borrow rules from here and there to make it actually into a meaningfully different challenge when fighting against things several times one's own size that is bigger than "more HP and damage."
In any case, to manage expectations, my own, and potential players, I turn to the tool of building templates. They spell out what I think is important to know and communicate my expectations of what kind of adventures a player will have. This is an early, brittle, and inflexible draft, but coloring in the lines once, even if crudely, gives me a place to hang my hat and try to build up.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pseudobot: Heroic Background Generator

Batmom has fallen in with the
For giggles, the heroic background generator. It's kinda rough, grammar errors still pop up like mad, but meh, it mostly works. If you like it, buy the original issue to get some more ideas about how to actually use the generated background. If you find some icky grammar, let me know.
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